S2o Whitewater Park Design’s Use of Technology Highlighted by Chipmaker Intel

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Great story about how S2o Design and Engineering is pushing the boundaries of whitewater park design through the use of technology http://iq.intel.com/iq/27143649/to-revitalize-a-city-just-add-water

S2o featured on NPR for the Design of the London Olympic Channel

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National Public Radio visits S2o’s offices to learn more about S2o’s role as the designer of the London Olympic Whitewater slalom venue for 2012. This profile explores the challenges and design process that led to this industry leading whitewater park.

Smithsonian Magazine Features S2o and Rapidblocs

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The Smithsonian Magazine profiles Rapidblocs, S2o, and their role in designing the London Olympic Whitewater Venue as well as inventing and implementing a completely new movable obstacle system for the Games.

S2o Featured for their Design Work on London 2012

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S2o’s Lead Designer Profiled by ICF after designing the London Olympic Course

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Shipley’s combined expertise in both Whitewater and Engineering Design has made him the go-to designer for some of the world’s most demanding whitewater design projects. He has been credited with driving innovation in the whitewater park industry by pushing the design envelope; his achievements in whitewater course design may just supersede his world titles and his accolade of America’s best ever slalom kayaker.

S2o featured on Outside Magazine’s T.V. Program

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Scott Shipley, the designer of the London 2012 Whitewater Venue (the Lee Valley Whitewater Park) and the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) is profiled on Outside Magazine T.V.

Denver Post: Colorado kayaker Scott Shipley shapes London Olympic whitewater venue.

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From his home office in Lyons, Shipley’s S2o Design company developed the hydraulic features in the 2012 London Olympics whitewater course.

S2o & EPD Designed Olympic Whitewater Park Flows Water for First Time

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Lee Valley White Water Centre, the venue for the Canoe Slalom event at the London 2012 Olympics, is ready to be opened to the public on Friday

Video of the S2o Designed U.S. National Whitewater Center

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This video shows a whitewater slalom event on the US National Whitewater Center–the World’s largest whitewater Park. This park was designed by Scott Shipley for the USNWC

S2o Featured for its Innovative Applications of Civil-3D Autocad Software

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Scott Shipley with S2O Design and Engineering in Boulder, CO is a world class kayaker. In his thirty years as a kayaker, Scott has four world titles, has been in the Olympics three times, he has 10 national titles, as well as numerous other awards. In other words, when it comes to kayaking, Scott knows all about it.